Dalia Coldham's Studio

Pashosh 368, Macabim

Modi'in - Macabim - Reut

Phone number: 054-4315166

Please call Sun-Thu 8:00-14:00

E-mail: dalia@daliastudio.com

Dalia Coldham's Studio is a beautiful boutique studio for fitness and well-being located in Dalia's private home in Maccabim (Modi'in).

Dalia's Studio offers classes in Pilates (with reformers), yoga, aerial yoga, TRX, strength and conditioning, running, biking and more.

The classes are one-on-one or in small groups. Each trainee works on their personal goals which are set up by the help of Dalia's hand-picked professional trainers or herself.

Dalia's Studio aspires to be a spiritual center for yoga and Pilates, a place for healing, health, and peace for the body and mind.

Dalia believes in empowerment using outdoor sports such as running, cycling, and swimming in order to connect our body and mind to nature.


Dalia's Studio offers a wide range of professional personal programs. Dalia designs the right program to the right person--from strength training, conditioning and weight loss to recovery from sport injuries and getting fit again after birth.

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כתובת: פשוש 368 מכבים, מודיעין מ"ר

טלפון: 054-4615166

מייל: dalia@daliastudio.com

            שעות פתיחה:
א-ה: 6:00-22:00 ו: 6:00-16:00

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